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The Actors Art Theatre Newsletter

December 1998


The World Premiere run Dan Fante's powerful, provocative BOILER ROOM comes to an
end on December 13. We've been playing to sold out houses, but we must close due to
prior commitments.
The show plays Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm through DECEMBER 13. ($15)

The Los Angeles Times said: 'Boiler Room Sizzles! Dan Fante's play about power and
sex-driven telemarketers electrifies!'
Fall under the spell of Eddy Kammegian and his "tele-sales S.W.A.T. Team".
Book your reservations NOW!

Starring Adelaide Vaughn, Frank Uzzolino, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Phinneas Kiyomura, Mart Levy,
Susan Ziegler and Douglas Coler.
Directed by Jolene Adams.

To read reviews , cast bios, and see rehearsal photographs, visit here.


Wed-Thurs-Fri, December 9, 10, and 11 at 8pm ($12)

Dolores:  "Rememba when we slept in the same bed an' we used to talk about how many kids
      we would have and wonderin' where our husbands-to-be were?"
Sandra:    "Little did we know all yours were in jail."

On the worst day of her life, Dolores reaches out to her sister Sandra-who is not having
a great day herself.  A withering, wicked funny look at sibling rivalry and domestic unrest.

Meanwhile, North Of Providence, Bobbie would rather kill himself than deal with his father's
impending death, and his estranged sister Carol is on a mission to save him. When she arrives on
his doorstep all hell breaks loose. An achingly accurate examination of loyalty, love, and regret.

These two one-act plays by Edward Alan Baker star Actors Art Theatre Ensemble members
Andrea Tate and Jolene Adams (Dolores) and Michael Albala and Laura Richardson (North Of Providence).
Directed by Jolene Adams.

To make reservations online, go to our homepage.

Tuesdays, December 1 & 8, and Sunday, December 13  8pm
Five Measly Bucks!

Comedian Ed Crasnick (familiar to audiences from his spot-on Woody Allen on Just Shoot Me) returns to
the PlayPen in his new one-man show.

The courthouse is sweltering. A nervous witness, Ed Crasnick, is on the stand. The DA, Ed Crasnick,
grills him mercilessly. His attorney, Ed Crasnick, objects, and the presiding judge, The Hon. Ed Crasnick, pounds his gavel in a stern call for order. You're the jury: Will you show mercy...or do we get a new, legal definition of 'guilt'?


You want to take that safari, but your accountant just laughs and laughs. Head on over to this site
and log in to a virtual safari! Remote control cameras, placed at watering holes on a game preserve
in South Africa provide continually updated shots of animal activity. And inactivity. You never know when
those creatures are going to show up and you may be stuck looking at a muddy hole with no animals in sight.
But there is a gallery of pictures captured by past visitors-proof that if you're patient, lions, elephants, cheetahs, exotic birds (and the occasional Park Ranger) will stop in to quench their thirsts.

 Africam Homepage

(We didn't promise a theatre link each month. There's a great big world out there!)


Actors Art Theatre will be dark December 19 - January 4. Happy Holidays!

For information regarding classes and workshops at Actors Art Theatre, visit here.

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